Guide To Using Foam Roller

Your Guide to Using Foam Rollers for Effective Workout Sessions

Foam rollers are the perfect solution for aches and pains associated with slow post workout recovery and are among the most effective tools at your disposal for speedy recovery, injury prevention and physique building.

They have become the most sought-after equipment for self-myofascial release (SMR) and are steadily gaining popularity in the fitness world. Many athletes now opt for foam rollers due to the impact they have on their performance and overall health.

If you are looking for an excellent foam roller, opt for Body Focus Fitness’s impressive foam rollers that are specifically engineered to provide a professional sports massage.

Benefits of Using Foam Rollers

Reduces Existing Aches and Pains

Foam rollers place pressure on the myofascial tissues. According to Mayo Clinic the myofascial tissues are “the tough membranes that wrap connect and support your muscles”.

According to the Huffington Post, a foam roller aids in alleviating stiffness in these tissues and also reduces the risk of injuries whilst reducing the intensity of existing aches and pains.

Using Foam Roller

With the help of a foam roller, you get a professional massage for free. In addition to reducing aches and pains, foam rollers also aid in warming up cold muscles before exercising.

Loosens Up Muscles

One of the most important benefits of foam rollers is that they help your muscles loosen up before working out. According to Josh Feldman, a certified personal trainer and fitness manager at Crunch Fitness in NYC, without foam rollers, your muscles are likely to become too tight which means you will not be able to achieve ideal results.

Increased Blood Flow

One of the most obvious benefits of using foam rollers is it increases blood flow throughout the body, resulting in better movement and increased range of motion. This helps reduce the risk of injury and decreases recovery time after a workout.

How to Efficiently Use Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are an inexpensive tool that can make your workout sessions more productive by working out the knots in your muscles to help you sculpt an impressive set of abs at a much faster rate.

Use Foam Rollers Efficiently

Keep in mind that depending on the position you are targeting, you have to position the foam roller in either a parallel or perpendicular direction. Here’s your guide to efficiently using foam rollers to make your workout sessions more worthwhile:

For Your Back

According to Men’s Fitness, to effectively use a foam roller on your back

Using Foam Roller For Back
  • Lie down with your back resting on the floor
  • Place a foam roller under your upper back and cross your arms in front of you. Protract your shoulder blades
  • ​Raise your butt off the ground, whilst putting your weight on the roller
  • ​Start shifting your weight to one side, rolling the foam roller to your upper to mid back
  • Alternate sides.

For Back Pain

Dozens of people suffer post workout back pains. Unfortunately, not everybody can fit in the time or afford to schedule a professional deep tissue sports massage. Here’s how you can use a foam roller for back pain according to Morgan Massage:

Using Foam Roller For Back Pain
  • Lie down on the ground with the foam roller under your lower back
  • Pull your left leg up while holding your left knee in place
  • ​Start rolling from the base of the left side of your ribcage to your glutes
  • ​Repeat 10 to 12 slow passes
  • Repeat on the other side.

For Legs

According to Fitness Focus, here’s how you can efficiently use foam rollers for your leg:

Using Foam Roller For Legs
  • Lie down on your back and rest the foam roller beneath your lower leg
  • Point your toes upwards throughout the movement
  • ​Lift your hips off the ground and slowly start rolling the foam across the length of your entire calf muscle, ending just below your knee
  • ​Once you reach the area where you feel a knot, slowly pause and apply pressure
  • Repeat 5 to 6 times
  • Alternate legs.

For Hamstrings

According to Live Strong, here’s how you can effectively use a foam roller for your hamstrings:

Using Foam Roller For Hamstrings
  • Lie down on your back while placing one leg on the roll with the other leg crossed over (this will result in more pressure on the hamstrings)
  • Start rolling the foam. The leg being rolled should be aligned with the back
  • ​Once you reach the tender spot, apply pressure till the pain slowly subsides
  • Alternate legs.

For Knee Pain

Foam rolling is imperative for reducing and eliminating knee pain. Here’s how you can put your foam roller to good use according to fitness specialist, Jessica Leggio:

Using Foam Roller For Knee Pain
  • Sit on the roller with your hands on the floor behind you to guide the roll
  • Keep your feet planted and start rolling from the base of your glutes to your lower back
  • ​Use your hands to guide the movement, be steady and do not lose balance
  • ​Repeat back and forth for about 2 minutes.

Many people give up on the idea of going to the gym because they cannot stand aching muscles. It is time you put aside your worries and invest in Body Focus Fitness’s Foam Roller.

The uniquely engineered roller uses thumb, palm and finger shaped textures specifically designed to relieve tight muscles. This reduces the risk of sports injuries. Rollers are ideal for runners, rugby players, weight lifters, and yogis, you name it.

The product is a blessing for anybody who invests their time at the gym for tiring and painful workouts. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy for you to carry your foam roller with you wherever you go.

You can just pack it with you to work for use afterwards. The convenient size makes it easy to carry while travelling. This means you can treat yourself to an excellent sports massage no matter where you are.

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